Since we paid off the first mortgage on Friday

still pinging off the walls about that one, it meant that the July Escrow money for taxes and insurance at the end of the year wouldn’t be paid. So today I had dh go to HR and authorize a split on his paychecks where the amount we need for escrow will automatically go into the savings account we have set up for it every pay day. That way we won’t forget to do it while he is still working.
Once he retires I’ll have an auto transfer set up with the bank. Sure don’t want to find myself without that sinking fund at the end of the year.
We worked all weekend getting the old fifth wheel ready to turn in on the new one. The more we cleaned on it the more we were certain we are doing the right thing. We found nothing new major wrong with it, but it is going to need more repairs than we originally thought.

Especially after dh found the mummified copperhead in the belly of it yesterday.

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