As part of the continuing saga…we’re still here in CA

The house didn’t close like it was supposed to the end of May. We moved out of our house on June 3 (did I mention it’s still empty, don’t get me started–and no surprise, he kept our deposit) and in to a friend’s home because we were “going to close” on or around June 5.
Yeah, that didn’t happen, and one week will turn into 5. We are very grateful that she has let us stay here this long. (and I mentioned the truck blew a head gasket, right?)
So because of that, come hell or highwater, we are leaving for Texas July 6 or 7, with or without a house to move to. We DO have a plan, LOL, ironically, it’s our original one with slight modifications.
If the new closing docs (set to arrive here Tuesday AM) come back with no additional cost to us we will proceed with the close. If there is additional cost, I’ve already told them we are not going to proceed and I expect my earnest money and previously transmitted closing money back immediately. That will give us enough money to rent someplace cheap in the DFW area, or just hang on to it for the next home purchase (which might be an RV, who knows!)
Oh yeah, and we decided since the move was not imminent to use moving money to get the truck fixed.

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