Somewhere, some how one of us must have been very good

because this last week was tremendous on the bill front. You already know that we paid off the three stooges last Wednesday, of course I got a bill showing we still owe them the entire balance today, but I will say they crossed in the mail, although I did pay them personally last week. They aren’t getting another payment that is for certain. I have my receipt.

That was good news, but things had got even better the day before financially. I am going to remind some of you that have been here the whole path with me and tell the new ones of our Social security adventures.
In Feb 2016 dh decided to start his ss checks at age 62 for a couple of reasons. 1) our broker pointed out to us it would take 15 years to make up the difference in the smidgeon extra we got by waiting until 65, 67 or later. 2) the biggie, we were unemployed and barely squeaking by.
In August 2016 dh found work and notified ss immediately. They kept sending him checks until he maxed out on what he could legally make per year and then he had to start giving it back. We ended up giving the full amount back he had drawn.

At that time I quizzed the ss representative about how this would affect his (and my—since I draw off of his) ss checks ($1300 badcredit payday loans). We were told that once dh went back on it for a full year we would get a one time settlement check for a percentage of the difference and that his income would be adjusted accordingly.
In January 2017 he went back on ss because he no longer had to pay back any earned income due to his age. But we do have to pay ss taxes on his income and regular taxes on our ss checks + The representative then told us he had never heard of such an adjustment the first representative had told us about. A year came and went and no adjustment. Until Tuesday!

Out of the blue a letter came from ss telling dh he would be receiving a check for the difference of what he should have been paid from January last year through April of this year by June 5. Even better his monthly check was going up over $400 per month.
In that same mail delivery I received a notification from ss that they had been taking part B insurance out of my ss check that I had told them NOT to do because we have supplemental through dh’s work. I would be getting a decent check for that 4 month period I was charged, also around June 5. Plus…my monthly check is going up over $100 a month due to the insurance not being taken out. Between the two we are getting a nearly $600 pay raise per month on our ss—so far…more on this in a minute.
I decided to check the checking account to make certain the dollar amounts listed weren’t replacing our regular ss checks and lo and behold the money was already there, all of it. All 4 checks that we were due!
Party Time!—There is more. Friday’s paycheck had a good chunk of overtime dh and I had both forgot he worked the day before we left for WDW so that was really sweet to see.
But wait there is more… My royalty check was bigger than it has been for about 6 months. Not huge, but bigger.

All this “surplus” is going in full on our first mortgage. With it and the ss pay raise it looks like by the end of July the first mortgage will be paid off and the second will be paid off by the end of the year. IF we can keep Murphy away.

But of course he does rear his ugly head. He actually did do so while we were celebrating our bonus cash. Remember all the rain OK and TX has been having? Well somewhere between here and the Gulf of Mexico is my ¼ mile long driveway. It has washed out horribly.
Last time we paid someone to redo it for us and it was $5,000 + emergency 24 hour loans. Dh and ds both can run tractors with a blade on them, but our tractor is down (probably permanently) and we don’t have a blade. So dh is checking into renting one and having a load of gravel delivered. We’re hoping to keep the cost down as much as possible so we can hit that December 31 goal of being debt free entirely by the end of the year.

Now about that so far….technically my ss check is based on a % of dh’s based on the year he started to draw. Therefore, technically I should be getting a slightly higher percentage since we waited four years to start it back up. If they adjust that, as I have been told they will do then I should be getting a pay hike from that, plus a check for the difference for the last year that I was “short changed” Knowing the Federal Government if it happens it won’t happen for awhile. But hey there is always hope.

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